Saturday, October 9, 2010


When you are looking for an activity for dads and daughter’s that will be a sure-fire hit, You almost can’t beat bowling. My daughter and I go to the same bowling alley each time and make up a new funny name for us to put on the screen. Usually it is b-dub and g-dog or something equally high-brow which the entire place gets to see.

About the only “must do” for this activity is to put the bumpers up on the sides of the alley for younger bowlers (and adults that bowl poorly). Apart from that, we do every kind of throw you can imagine. This includes:
‘granny throws’Father and daughter activities: Bowling - granny throw,
reverse granny throwsFather and daughter activities: Bowling - reverse Granny throw,
under-the-legFather and daughter activities: Bowling - under the leg,
and behind the backFather and daughter activities: Bowling - behind the back.

Basically, the point for my daughter and I is to see who can look the worst and do the best. We rarely break 100 but we have an awesome time doing it. As a side note, ask if your bowling alley has “cosmic bowling” or something similar with black lights, fog, lasers and etc. It takes the fun up to a whole new level and helps both of you feel more comfortable about looking like a spaz since it is dark in the place.

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