Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take your child to work

National take your child to work day this year is Thursday, April 28, 2011. That being said, there is absolutely no reason you need to wait for a specific day or even bring your child for a whole day. Take her in on a weekend even if it is just to “run in and get something”. You don’t have to make it a big production to make it memorable.
Dad and daughter activities: Take your child to work 2

Most daughters absolutely adore walking around where their father works no matter what kind of business it is. Seeing where their father parks, walks, sits and what he does every time he is away gives a daughter a sense of connection to you while you are away.  Somehow, the image of you sitting at a desk they have seen while you talk to them on the phone makes you feel closer than if you are just “at work”.
I believe we all have cool stuff at work even if you aren’t the person who works on it. I show my daughter the awesome stuff my company makes, for example, even though I just work on the computers that the people who make the awesome stuff use. But let’s say for the sake of argument that you work in the most boring place in the world.  You know what your daughter will still find fascinating? Anything you talk to her about.  Tell her what things you love looking at on your drive in every day or what you do each time you come in.  Show her your favorite coke or coffee machine and buy her something even if it is just to critique the smell of it.
Dad and daughter activities: Take your child to work 3

One thing my daughter loved doing was meeting all of the other people I interact with each day. Almost all of your coworkers are probably parents and will really turn on the charm when they see your daughter at work. If you can, have a coworker arrange a little souvenir for them even if it is just a pen and pad of paper from the supply closet. My coworkers all have toys on their desk and my daughter wound up with a few of those.  I found them the other day sitting in very prominent positions on her dresser.
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People don’t think about how much time they spend away from their daughter at this place their kid has never seen. Just the simple act of running in for a little while can help get rid of the mystery and give your daughter an understanding of those times you aren’t able to be with her.
Ps. Make sure you have pictures of the family up when you go. Daughters notice things like that J
These pictures admitedly stolen off the internet but I LOVE them

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