Sunday, October 10, 2010


This one seems very self explanatory but we had such an excellent time, it was worth mentioning.  Kites are available in such a wide range of complexities and prices that it makes one of the most perfect father daughter activities.  You can buy anything from a $2.00 kite from Wal-Mart that just floats to a $90.00 kite from Cabella’s or a sporting goods store that is steerable.

My daughter and I have a couple of activities we like to do with kites. The first is to bring a blanket and let the kite up as high as it can possibly go.  Then lay on the blanket and watch how hard the kite pulls or how air currents are different at different levels. This one is fun to do with a regular kite or an oddly shaped one.

For example, my daughter picked out a "pretty" kite:
Dad and daughter activities: Kites - cheap kite
and I picked out a box kite:
Dad and daughter activities: Kites - box kite

There is something cool about flying a device that doesn't look like it is meant to soar. Having seen some of the other options available now, I would bet we would end up with these two:
Dad and daughter activities: Kites - dragon kiteDad and daughter activities: Kites - extreme box kite. There are some awesome kites out now so make shopping for one a father and daughter activity too.

The second is to buy two steerable kites
Dad and daughter activities: Kites - stunt kite
(for about $30 at Wal-Mart) and compete for who can do the coolest tricks or the lowest dives without crashing.

Neither of those activities requires skills like a model rocket or model plane would -though those are awesome kid's activities too and If you know someone who can do them, I would tag along. My list though is about father and daughter activities that are low on intimidation and formality.

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