Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello world,

My name is Bobby and I am a married father of a daughter in second grade. My wife works long shifts just about every other weekend which has left me with a LOT of father and daughter time. I used to feel intimidated by that fact and feel like I had to find things to “fill that time”. It only took me a little while to realize that the daddy and daughter free time was not something that had to be endured or passed with movies. This time was something that could be used, treasured and enjoyed.

This is a collection of dad and daughter activities that my daughter and I have enjoyed over the past 8 years. Some of these activities are “guy” and some “girlie” but all were a blast. I hope you other fathers (and maybe even daughters) can find things in this collection which bring you closer to your child and help you laugh with each other.

Try them all and email me if you have some activities I haven’t included. We should all help each other cherish the time our daughters are yanking our arms and calling our names.

Dad and daughter activities - father and daughter

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