Monday, October 11, 2010

Home Made Rifftrax

If you have never experienced the true nerd-joy of, I recommend it.  Just about any time my daughter watches Harry Potter or High-School Musical I have headphones in playing a secondary audio track that supplements the one my daughter is watching.  For example, when Hagrid flies in with Harry Potter on the motorcycle at the beginning of the first movie one of the riffers says “He soiled his diaper on the way in but I used Magic to clean it up.”  Another riffer joins in with “You just put two diapers on top of the first. That’s not magic.”

Dad and Daughter Activities: Home Made Rifftrax

Not exactly high-brow humor and some of it is inappropriate but it does help liven up a movie you have seen thousands of times.

One day my daughter heard me laughing hysterically at a part that was supposed to be scary and asked me if I had lost my mind. I explained the entire rifftrax concept to her and she loved it.  From that day forward, when nothing else is on we have made a habit of watching a show we have already seen either on mute or with sound and adding our own words. Some of the improv situations we come up with are awesome and every time we watch it we come up with something new.

That is a great way for fathers to get a sense of their daughter’s mind and is a really easy way to get her into giggling fits. It isn’t always one-sided though since sometimes she will come up with something so random that I just absolutely lose it.

I try to stay away from tv and movies since they are a total time-suck but if you end up watching one anyway, making up your own rifftrax is a great way for fathers to stay involved with their daughters even while it is on.

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